• Minimum age : 18.
  • Training : Minimum six months full-time in the field of child or community care OR one year full-time paid experience within the last three years.
  • Education : minimum grade 12 Canadian equivalency (le BAC).
  • Agree to and abide by the programme rules and regulations.
  • Commit yourself for at least one full year.
  • Pass a basic medical with a doctor approved by the Canadian Government at your own expense.
  • Full driving licence not required but preferred.
  • Non-smokers preferred.
  • Reference letters from previous child care experience.
  • Have a good level of the English 1 OR French language .
  • Require to obtain Employment visa (arranged by us, our correspondent and the prospective employer).
  • Required to pay your return flight to Canada.

Child Care Duties: Care of children is your first priority. Your prospective employer requests your services because of your experience with children and their need for a dependable child care provider. You will have the opportunity for further education and a social life but these are secondary to your child care responsibility. Child care can be hard work. Do not expect this to be easy .

Please make sure this is what you want to do before you make a commitment !

If you have any formal training in child care you will appreciate how creative you need to be with children. There are many books on the subject on how to provide quality child care. You can start your own file compiling information from your library. Plan activities and have fun. Make the activities interesting for the children as well as for yourself. Your child care duties may include feeding, playing, bathing and laundry whether the parents are home or away during your working hours. You also need to keep your bedroom and bathroom neat, clean, and tidy. Be flexible in your child care duty times, be attentive to the children, know where the children are at all times and be safety conscious.

Housework: You will be responsible for light housekeeping, mainly related to children and yourself. This may include the children's laundry, keeping children's bedroom, playroom and other areas inside and outside the house in order and clearing up after the play period. In certain households you may be required to help with the GENERAL LIGHT HOUSE WORK OF THE WHOLE HOUSE. Each family is different, make sure you know what the family expects from you. From time to time you will be required to pitch in and help out with what needs to be done without always being asked. Be willing to help. The ability to offer a positive attitude, complete child care duties and household help will always win you favours when you want that extra time off.

Prospective Employer: You will be with your prospective employer for a minimum of one year possible to renew for another 2 years. Room and board provided in the family home at very low cost. Our correspondent will interview your prospective employer and screened. Our correspondent will also help your prospective employer to make a choice toward the compatible live-in caregiver..

Social life: Take the opportunity to make friends. Don't wait for someone else to make the first move. Introduce yourself to others and they will introduce you to their friends so a whole network can evolve for you. There will be many other nannies and in your area that would very much like to meet you and all will be or have been in your position. OUR CORRESPONDENT WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO THE OTHER NANNIES IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD AND ALSO INVITE YOU TO AT LEAST TWO ORGANISED SOCIAL OUTINGS. Be aware there may be some differences between your background and the social, moral and religious attitudes of the Canadians .

Health Insurance: In Ontario covered three months after arrival, at your employer's expense. Ontario Health Insurance covers everything will need EXCEPT FOR DENTAL COVER, we recommend that you take extra cover to protect yourself during your stay in Canada before leaving France. Are you in good health? If you have any minor health problems get these dealt with now in your home country, likewise get a dental check up before departing. Persons who take illegal drugs are not accepted on this programme.

Working time and time off : Good working conditions, wages, holidays and time off, all legistered by the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments. You will be expected to work a minimum of 40 to 44 hours per week. Your salary net is between $175 to $200 (Canadian $) per week for 40 to 44 hours after all the expenses for Taxes; Unemployment Insurance, Government Pension, room and board have being deducted. IF YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB AND THE HOST FAMILY IS HAPPY WITH YOU WE KNOW THEY WILL TRY TO BE FLEXIBLE AS WELL.

Employment Visa : Your Canadian employer will complete the required forms to obtain validation of their offer to you and begin your visa. Afterwards the Canadian Embassy / High Commission in France will contact you directly and request the following : passport, education / training certificate(s) photographs, original references, Employment Agreement, and a Canadian Visa fee $125.00 Canadian. A full medical examination by a doctor approved by the Canadian Government will be required and will be at your own expense. Your Employment visa will be issued for a 12 month-period and can be renewed for a second and third year . After completion of two years employment you may apply for landed immigrant status. The processing of your Employment Visa in Paris usually takes 8 to 10 weeks.

Typical Problems : Expect to be homesick and accept it if you are. Given time it will pass. Most LIVE-IN-CAREGIVERS will feel homesick anywhere between the first 4-6 weeks of their arrival in Canada. Changing employers is not easy. Before any changes can be made you must have made every effort to have made your placement work. Like any relationship both parties must work at it to make it a success.

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